IT Expert visits Lviv University

22 Mar, 2016

Lviv IT Cluster continues a series of lectures for university students. Two professionals, Serhiy Karpenko of SoftServe, and Ivan Dulnyavka of DevCom, joined IT Expert. They visited the Faculty of Electronics at Lviv University where they spoke about the management of IT projects and work with mobile applications.

Ivan met with the third-year students where he spoke about mobile platforms, their history and evolution. He also talked about UI design/UI usability and building cross-platform UI. The students learned how to design mobile applications in a user-friendly way, and the things they should focus on to work in this area successfully.[1] 5 1920_1

“I decided to participate in the project because I see almost complete lack of information about UX Design in general and Usability in particular both in university curriculums and the companies,” says Ivan. He adds: “Everywhere, the people learn to write code, but they never learn to think how the user will deal with the “code” afterwards,”. According to the expert, the main goal of his lecture is to show the students that when they write code, they have to think about the users.

Serhiy, instead, met with the four-year students where he spoke about managing IT projects. “I really liked the idea of ​​Lviv IT Cluster because the students get not only lectures, but the interaction with the real specialists,” he explains.

Serhiy graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute; while studying there, he felt the lack of real life examples and the understanding of where to apply the received knowledge. “The current approach to teaching students is somewhat outdated because it gives only a general idea of ​​the project methodology and projects as such,” says Serhiy.[1] 6 1920

“The main purpose of my lecture is to give practical examples, talk about the life of the project in IT companies, and help students form a vision of their future,” adds Serhiy. During the lecture, he spoke about the issue of communication in the project and risk-planning.

“I hope this knowledge will help the students to adapt quickly when they start work,” concludes Serhiy.

IT Expert is a project that targets university students and organizes practical lectures from professionals who already work in the sphere. With this project, Lviv IT Cluster aims to raise professionalism, and practical knowledge of the students. This spring, we plan to have around ten more lectures.