Come Back Alive Foundation Asks IT Companies to Hand Over Computers for the Ukrainian Army

17 Feb, 2022

Lviv IT Cluster and SoftServe company support the initiative to provide computers to the Ukrainian army.

Platoons and companies, battalions, brigades, and even separate Armed Forces of Ukraine commands need computers, laptops, and printers.

The equipment used by the servicemen almost 24/7 is working out and fails – it often burns in dugouts and military vehicles targeted by the occupiers. The armed forces cannot timely update the computers, and this in one way or another affects the country’s defense capabilities.

Aerial reconnaissance needs computers to analyze reconnaissance footage. They track, particularly, the movement of equipment and manpower of the militants on the monitors. Snipers, for example, use laptops to analyze their own mistakes. They watch videos of recorded military actions on the monitors: slow down the shots, analyze and repeat this procedure more than once.

Computer equipment serves as an eyesight instrument for platoon and company base stations, battalions headquarters, brigades, and the Joint Forces Operation command. Numerous monitors display emergency information from security cameras, record enemy firings, which are then analyzed in detail.

montazhna_oblast_1_kopiya_2Press services (there are at least 40 of them) use computers for video editing and photo processing. They use printers for printing accreditations for Ukrainian and foreign journalists. The media’s attention to Ukraine has increased, and without good equipment, the press services cannot cope with the number of inquiries from the press. Old computers “hang up” and refuse to work with graphic editors. And that limits Ukraine’s presence in the foreign information space.

This is not a complete list of military specialists who need computer equipment. That’s why the Come Back Alive Foundation asks the IT companies to support the army with new and used equipment. Read the full list of needed equipment at the link.

Come Back Alive Foundation – a military support fund existing since 2014, provides competent help to the army. During this time, the foundation has raised more than 200 million hryvnias. The fund’s instructors train snipers, sappers, artillerists, and air surveillance. Every second thermal imaging scanner at the front was handed over to the army by the Come Back Alive philanthropists. The foundation also handed over copters, thermal imaging sights, tablet PCs with a special program for shooting from closed positions, and other important technical devices for the army. Come Back Alive informs about the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war on its website and on social networks.