IT Future finishes spring semester

01 Jun, 2016

IT Future held its final semester lecture in schools 91, 5 and 17. Expert from Cypress Semiconductor, Volodymyr Basanskyi, met with high school students and spoke about radiotechnics in IT, work at Cypress Semiconductor, and features of technical education.

With high school students, Volodymyr shared his experience in a big company. He described what it looked like to work in IT environment and explained the things the beginners needed to know to start in the field. The expert also spoke about the basics of IT education. He described the features of IT education and the process of growing from a student, who liked the sciences, into an IT specialist.

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Students learned how tech business looked like and asked questions about the work in IT company. Volodymyr focused his presentation on radiotechnics in IT, too. He explained why the area was popular and how to develop in it.

Volodymyr joined IT Future because he considered the project very promising when attracting new people into the industry. “Projects like IT Future should be prioritized in the field of developing future experts not only in IT, but also in related technical areas,” he says.

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The lecture in schools 5 and 17 is the final one in this semester. During the winter and spring periods, IT Future experts visited more than a dozen schools and talked with nearly 500 students. The project aims to explain what IT is for high school students so more of them pursue IT as a sphere to study in universities.  Lviv IT Cluster brings together experts to share their experience with students and talk about work in IT. Thus, experts contribute to the promotion of IT among schoolchildren of the city.