IT Future: High School Students Learned How to Start Working in IT

05 Dec, 2016

“IT Future project will help students to find their goal in life, but you need to work a bit harder to get there” – says one of the experts involved in IT Future, Andriy Syvak, who recently had a presentation for students from school №96. We have visited his lecture, as well as the lecture delivered by Ivan Dulniavka and saw how they motivate students to choose IT specialties.

Andriy Syvak works at Cypress and takes part in IT Future for the second year in a row.  This year he decided to visit a school where he used to study. This is more interesting since his old teachers can see what their students have achieved and the children think “He studied at this school and managed to become a cool IT expert. I can do this too!”

There is work

“You can do this too” – lies in the main idea of Andriy’s presentation. However, he emphasized a lot that you need to work hard and started his presentation with a list of must-learn subjects for the future IT specialist. He also focused his attention on learning English – without it, you cannot achieve anything in IT. That is why his presentation was in English.

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Moreover, Andriy Syvak showed what exactly Cypress company is engaged in. He brought a screen used in operating Tesla cars. Software for the touch screen was designed and produced in Ukraine. Students could not only see the screen as the drivers see it, but also check it from the inside.

Furthermore, he demonstrated a technology which enables touchscreens in smartphones and tablets to react to touches. He didn’t miss a chance to talk about the rich and famous. Andriy told the students about the most successful IT people in the world, who by the way are in the Top 10 richest people list – Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin. He also mentioned the most famous Ukrainian startups, which managed to attract investments for thousands and millions of dollars. This is something that fascinates children: case studies and opportunity to learn how much you can achieve in the IT industry.

“One of the reasons why I participate in this project – the fact that people are often demotivated, they think that Ukraine has no potential workwise, that’s why they often choose to go abroad and work at non-qualified jobs. This project helps to show students that it’s not completely true, there are plenty of jobs on the market and they have chances for a good future. This way they can actually take something for themselves from the lecture, start working and studying” – says Andriy.

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A few boys who expressed their wish to work in IT enjoyed the lecture the most. Andriy hopes that he inspired other students as well – especially girls. “Don’t think that IT is just for men. When I was at the university, there were more girls in my year. So, girls, don’t be afraid of work in IT”.

Wide scope of IT

Ivan Dulniavka from DevCom delivered a lecture at school №32. He spoke about benefits of working in IT – social as well as those concerning generation of new ideas. With his lecture, he showed: it’s cool to work in IT because these are the people who are making innovations.

To inspire students, he showed video “Up&Up” by Coldplay which was fully designed and produced in Ukraine.

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Since the lecture was for students of 11th grade – many of them were interested in IT industry – these people have already chosen their future profession. The school principal Mykola Pynianskyi says that there many students with perspectives to work in IT in the future.

“I agreed to participate in IT Future project because our school is trying to keep up with the times. We have four computer labs. Our students are winners of local and regional IT competitions” – he says.

Ivan Dulniavka aimed to show the students big opportunities IT can offer. Moreover, it was interesting for him personally too.

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“We have to get across these opportunities to students in an interesting way, in a way that no one would think that it’s unachievable. If it is interesting for them, this opens a lot of opportunities. They have to understand that it’s possible, that you can achieve it if you really want”.