IT Future visits Lviv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum

01 Mar, 2016

Having an expert talk about the IT sphere can encourage many youth to join the area, and this is what IT Future aims to do. On Friday, the project has organized a lecture for the students of Lviv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum. Seniors got a chance to listen to three professionals: Vasyl Sluzhala, Oleh Zasadnyy of N-iX, and Yurii Myshkovskyi of Eleks. All three have graduated from the Lyceum together.

The experts talked about their own experience in IT and the professions inside the industry. The area is very dynamic and develops quickly, so the students learned there were different directions they could try. The seniors were eager to know what university to choose for further education, and the next steps in career search.

Vasyl Sluzhala talked about the specifics of the profession and the aspects of creating games. Yurii Myshkovskyi focused on business analysis and the various directions within IT showing that the sphere was very diverse and could be interesting for people with different interests and likes. The students also got to see Google Cardboard and use it on practice.

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Oleh Zasadnyy says he wanted to attract youth to IT sphere with the common presentation. When he was a student, he knew nothing about IT, and even at lyceum, he did not know the difference between Java, C# and other programming languages. Oleh says: “IT was a deep and scary forest for me. I always wanted a programmer with a practical experience to come and tell how everything was working, what to know, and, more importantly, how to learn everything necessary”.

Oleh admits that his goal is to motivate young people. He concludes: “I hope that our presentation will help youth to join IT as talented and perspective professionals who will create amazing programs which will conquer the world”.

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The lecture has been a second presentation of this year. In March, the professionals will meet with the students of five other schools and talk about their experience.