Sectoral Center of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine Moved Services to Private Cloud GigaCloud

SС “Sectoral Center for Digitalization and Cybersecurity” by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has moved its services to a private cloud GigaCloud. The transition to the private cloud will allow the company to continue to develop a virtual data center Industry Cloud by implementing its own data security services, as well as increasing the stability of the infrastructure in general.

“In our cooperation with GigaCloud there is a sequencing of reporting steps. We started with a small amount of resources for the E-transport project. Later we have developed, the number of projects increased, and now we have reached a new stage. The amount of resources has become quite large, and we have thought about moving from a public cloud to a private solution. This gave us the opportunity to quickly launch new services, increase turnover not as a form of memory, processors or disks, but increasing the number of servers,” said Alexander Tkachenko, head of the SCDC center for information systems support.

The transfer process lasted for one month and included a phased transfer of enterprise services. We started with the PayGovUa billing system – a set of solutions for citizens to pay for government and administrative services. The billing system interacts directly with banks and meets industry standards of the banking sector, the PCI DSS certificate, in particular. One of the requirements for certification is the platform where the payment system is located, it should meet the requirements of physical and information security. Due to the fact that the GigaCloud cloud infrastructure has an international certificate ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 and a certificate of compliance CCIS, the process of certification for the SCDC lasted for a month and a half instead of six months.

Next, the transport portal of electronic services E-transport moved to the cloud. It is a hub with online industry services and extra tools for citizens, carriers, government officials. Its task is to book transportation permits online. Previously, such a permit could be obtained only in special service centers scattered throughout Ukraine: one had to come to the service center, fill out a large number of documents, pay fees.

Another important project is the open data service of the transport industry, which collects statistical and analytical data on implemented and not-implemented permits for international freight. The latest project launched by the SCDC together with GigaCloud is the electronic office of a seaman. This service is quite similar to the E-transport portal, as it is also designed to transfer administrative functions online. In the e-office you can view your own documents, submit an online application for the State Qualification Commission (SQC).

Also, together with GigaCloud, the SCDC launched a service – a single electronic ticket SmartTicket for various modes of transport on the selected route (currently for Kyiv city transport, long-distance trains, and soon – for air transport, motor transport, municipal transport of other cities and taxis). Now the user does not need to buy different tickets for different modes of transport in different services. Just go to the SmartTicket site and buy all the necessary tickets as part of one single electronic ticket.


“As a cloud operator, we are responsible for the smooth operation of the client’s cloud IT infrastructure, especially during peak service loads,” says Kyrylo Naumenko, GigaCloud СТО. – Ensuring its optimal operation, maintenance, exploitation and modernization of resources – is the task of our technical specialists. SCDC technicians are directly involved in the development of their services and the creation of the new ones. Using the online services of the Ministry of Infrastructure, the citizens of our country will be able to save time and money while applying for various permits, paying for public services and will be confident in the reliable protection of their personal data,” Kyrylo Naumenko continues.