GeeksForLess Charіty Auction

21 Aug, 2022

Six months of Struggle and Our Boundless Courage!

 IT company GeeksForLess, which is by origin from Mykolaiv, is holding a charity drawing of an exclusive art object called “Russian warship…”, which was made from a piece of the enemy self-propelled gun “Gvozdika” destroyed near Mykolaiv.

The funds raised during the drawing will be used to buy the DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone for militaries. This drone was created on the basis of modern aviation systems, so its total cost is about 10,000 USD.

All details of participation in the drawing can be found on GFL pages on social networks Instagram and Facebook.


How did the idea of the drawing appear?

Since the beginning of 2014 till the present day, the GeeksForLess team has united around one goal — with the help of joint efforts of the company, each of employees, partners and with the help of its own initiatives to help the militaries defend our independence and territorial unity of the native land.

Currently, the company and the team have collected and spent more than 300,000 USD on the needs of defenders. This is a purchase of: medical equipment for a hospital, thermal imagers, cars, dressings materials, drones and army uniforms etc.

The battle with the enemy is going on, so today every, even the smallest contribution, is a step towards the victory and saving one more Ukrainian life. Therefore, we have no right to stop in our help.

Recently, the company has been gifted an exclusive art object called “Russian warship…”. It was made from a piece of enemy equipment destroyed near Mykolaiv, namely a self-propelled gun “Gvozdika”.

The management of the GFL offered to hold a charity drawing of this art object, and the funds raised during the drawing should be directed to the purchase of the DJI Matrice 300 RTK. This drone is one of the most powerful quadcopters in its class, inspired by the most sophisticated aircraft systems. So it will be able to help the militaries to destroy the invaders a lot. The cost of the drone is about 10,000 USD.

The winner of the drawing will get that unique memo of the war as a keepsake, made of the enemy equipment burned in the south of Ukraine.


How to take part in the charity drawing

The mechanics of the auction is very simple:

  • make a charity payment of 400 UAH and above to the specified requisites. The number of contributions is unlimited. The bigger number or amount of contributions, the more chances of winning.
  • the drawing will be held on September 15th at 15:00. The winner will be chosen randomly among all the participants.
  • IMPORTANT! The art object is not the only lot! A set of postage stamps — “Russian warship….” and ” Good evening, we are from Ukraine” — will go to the person who makes the greatest contribution in one payment

Look for all the details and requisities for buying a ticket for participation on the pages of social networks GFL Instagram and Facebook.

Bringing victory together

What lies behind the idea of such an online auction? GeeksForLess believes that everyone can make their contribution to our common victory, the victory of Ukraine. Let’s get together to make it happen as soon as possible!