GlobalLogic is in the TOP-10 of IT Employers According to Students

13 Oct, 2021

GlobalLogic is in the top 10 best IT employers in Ukraine. In May 2021 the HR brand agency UGEN conducted the Best Employer survey among 1340 students and graduates. GlobalLogic was considered as one of the priority options by the students with experience less than a year, as well as by those with 1-5 years of working experience.

The development of engineering talents is one of the company’s priorities. In 2020, 25% of engineers who came to GlobalLogic in Ukraine are specialists with commercial projects experience of up to one year. Also, since 2018, the GlobalLogic group of companies has invested more than $4 million in the development of engineers in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe. A significant part of these funds goes to Ukraine.

The company is also actively developing GL BaseCamp and GL ProCamp programs, as well as Trainee Program, where students and specialists can take special courses and join real projects of the company.

Find out more on the GlobalLogic Education page.