GlobalLogic Opens Second Office in Lviv

16 Oct, 2018

12 October 2018, Lviv – engineers at GlobalLogic presented innovative projects in education and automobile. Namely, they showcased a self-driving car prototype and a smart board for interactive education. Presentation and testing were held during the opening of the second office of GlobalLogic Ukraine in Lviv.

The new office was built specifically for GlobalLogic needs. More than 300 engineers have moved there already. The opening of the new office strengthens the company’s capacity of creating modern digital products and solutions. “Our expertise in medicine, telecommunications, engineering and media has risen significantly over the last 10 years. Now our engineers in Lviv create innovative tools, which are already used or will be used in many industries”, – says Denys Balatsko, the vice-president of engineering and the leader of GlobalLogic in Lviv. Some of these solutions have been demonstrated during the new office opening.

For example, self-driving car prototype works based on artificial intelligence technology. The technology can analyse the environment around, detects road signs, direction and speed. Large technological companies are also involved in the creation of self-driving cars, not only the biggest car manufacturers. Thus, Lviv’s engineers can contribute something as well.

Moreover, engineers showed smart board in action. This smart device enables a user to interact with content via sensor screen and special stylus. It is also possible to connect remote users if needed. This solution opens new possibilities for education and public presentations, on school level as well as at big conferences like TED. Software for these devices was created mostly by engineers from GlobalLogic Lviv.

In the new office, engineers from Lviv will work on medical software and embedded solutions. Software for defibrillators, a system for automatic drip medication and devices for skin-care are among the projects which are being developed by local engineers now.  

About GlobalLogic in Ukraine

GlobalLogic is a global digital product engineering services company. The company helps its clients design and build innovative products, platforms, and digital experiences for the modern world. About 90% of GlobalLogic projects are complex R&D solutions. GlobalLogic has more than 280 clients, and over 80 of them are Fortune 500 companies. GlobalLogic headquarters is situated in the Silicon Valley, USA, while its 25 engineering and design centers are located all over the world and unite over 12 800 engineers.