HR Meetup: Highlights

27 Apr, 2017

Yesterday, on April 26, Lviv IT Cluster in cooperation with insurance company INGO Ukraine gathered HR-managers from Lviv IT companies for an interesting meeting at Lem Station (the old tram depot). More than 50 visitors got a chance to listen to Anna Vlasova, the famous trainer in people management. She is the Head and Co-Founder of HRM school in Kyiv, works as an advisor at the Presidential Administration and has a big experience in teaching and training lead managers and, moreover, has a well-rounded international education. Here is a brief outline of her speech.

Anna Vlasova’s speech topic: “Soft skills of HR-manager is a competitive advantage”.

“We will not win any competitive activity if we use just the hard-instruments. We also need to use soft skills – interpersonal behavior skills. The industry today gets a profit not because of the basic capital, but information capital. Information capital is dominant nowadays. These are ideas, innovations, the speed of decision making, information access for consumers and also the quality of the information. The fight for talents means informational war in the times of big competitiveness”.

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“The last research presented at the World Economic Forum shows the main competencies predicted for 2020: on the first place is the complex problem solving, then critical thinking, creativity, people management, communication skills. The next five include emotional intellect, decision-making, service orientation, negotiation and cognitive flexibility. These are the top most important and most expected competencies for the next few years. It changes all the time. In 2015 this list was completely different”.

 “If you have a certain number of competencies needed for your job position, then your company and business will be ahead of other, if no, then it will lose. Increasing and developing competencies is the main soft instrument HR-manages need. It’s the one and only competitive benefit of information capital.  There are competencies you can neither change or develop, so you have to be careful when choosing whether a person fits certain position”.

“More and more big companies are computerizing HR functions. Recruiting, quizzes, online education, online tests etc – everything is happening via the Internet. People are even getting fired online. For example, if the company fires two hundred employees every day, it’s impossible to meet with everybody personally. Building a strategy is the only thing that is hard to computerize, it still remains creative”.

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“It’s impossible to make progress without HR analytics. You need to collect and analyze a lot of data, learn many aspects to be able to predict the next steps. For example, Google uses Big Data predict when a person gets sick or plans to quit. The company knows this way ahead the employee is actually sick or even thinks about changing a job. For this Google use also the social network data: what Facebook pages the user visits, what they search on the Internet etc. All this data collected and analyzed together gives a rather precise result. It is called predictive analytics”.

The second speech was held by Sergiy Maistrenko from INGO Ukraine. He explained to HR managers about the benefits of health insurance.

HR Meetup was sponsored by insurance company INGO Ukraine. Lviv IT Cluster is very thankful for the support and co-organization of the event.