Ideal PM and Communications Professional: Advice from IT Expert

17 Mar, 2016

Two experienced professionals gave lectures at Lviv universities in the framework of IT Expert. Rostyslav Zabolotnyi, senior .NET developer at SoftServe, and Natalka Shpot, director of Lviv PM School (LITS) talked with the students about the professional skills as well as gave the practical advice.

Rostyslav Zabolotnyi met with the Telecommunications seniors at the Institute of Telecommunications, Radioelectronics and Electronic Engineering of Lviv Polytechnic. There, he talked about the communication in distributed systems,data streaming, and started with the basics of communication. The meeting helped the students to learn more about the specialized skills they were acquiring as well as the features of applying these skills at work.IT-C-2016_03_10 (7 of 72)Rostyslav decided to join the project so he could share his experience with the students who were just starting careers and needed practical advice. “I studied in Europe and had great opportunities to stay there. Still, I decided to return to Ukraine, and one of the reasons was that I had an experience that I could pass on to others,” says Rostyslav. This way, the expert helps Ukraine since he shares the acquired skills and international experience.

“That is why I joined IT Expert because it is an opportunity to pass my experience, knowledge and skills to the future generations and current teachers,” adds Rostyslav.

The students of Applied Mathematics at Lviv University got a chance to attend a lecture on the basics of project management from an experienced PM Natalka Shpot. She began the lecture with the basics such as the description of the projects, their history, and what they were. Natalka also focused on factors that often limited the projects such as budget, time, workload, money, resources, and risks. “You can ignore the budget or the volume of work, but you can never neglect the quality of the project,” said the expert.IT-Cluster-politeh (13 of 86)

Natalka described the Project Management Institute which developed the certification system for specialists in the field of project management. The audience was the most interested in the description of the ideal project manager. Natalka shared her vision of the effective leader, and skills that were necessary for successful work. Lecturer not only answered the students’ questions, but also shared practical cases of a profession.

IT Expert is a project that promotes the practical training of the students. We invite professionals with great experience and skills who talk with the students about the features of a particular specialization and share practical cases with them. Lviv IT Cluster organizes a series of meetings between the experts and the students, and we recommend professionals to join the project!