Indeema Software Joins Lviv IT Cluster

Indeema Software is a full-cycle software development company sure that upcoming world of the total connectivity is inconceivable without smart objects, omnipresent internet, and always-on gadgets.

Indeema Software has substantial expertise and provide development and support services for:

  • Industrial Internet of Things

Streamline and automate the connection between hardware and software in diverse industrial sectors. That includes areas such as Climate Change Mitigation systems for precise monitoring and analytical prediction of industrial-scale air pollution, Smart City Solutions for digitizing and managing urban infrastructures, etc.

  • Blockchain-Based Solutions

Use the latest technologies and concepts to develop assets for custom software for enterprise, crypto crowdfunding initiatives (ICO, ITO, STO) — crypto assets, smart contracts, project whitepapers, landing pages, custom distributed ledgers; and many more.

  • Mobile, Web, and Decentralized Applications

Develop interactive and adaptive web and cloud projects of any scale, native and cross-platform mobile apps. Level up the security of corporate and commercial solutions by using distributed networks.


Volodymyr Shevchyk, CEO of Indeema Software: “I clearly recognize the IT Cluster as a great opportunity to find like-minded IT professionals for creating cool collaborative projects capable of pushing forward both the IT industry and the economy of Ukraine.

We’re very glad that Indeema Software joins Lviv IT Cluster community. I hope we will cooperate very fruitful and effectively. The developing of our strong community of IT professionals is very important for the city and country,” comments Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO, Lviv IT Cluster.

The company’s head office is in Seattle (Washington, US) and a technical division is located in Lviv (Ukraine). Having broad experience in the creation of various software solutions for both mobile and web, Indeema mostly focuses on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and distributed ledgers (DLT) development.