The SoftServe Inovation Platform will Host the United Nations Program

18 Feb, 2021
The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Ukraine brings together civil society activists from all over Ukraine to develop long-term solutions focused on increasing the positive community change within the Co-create with Locals program. This 3-month initiative aims to involve activists in the development of innovative solutions in the areas of public safety and social cohesion, and will be implemented on the SoftServe Innovation Platform.
The main goal of the Co-create with Locals program is to educate civil society activists how to effectively use design thinking, audience research, crowdsourcing, and experimentation to implement innovative yet practical community development ideas.
SoftServe’s Innovation Platform is a true, end-to-end solution enabling all-inclusive ideation, prototype design, and market testing before building a winning product. The process consists of three stages: idea creation, validation and implementation. SoftServe uses the platform to work on innovations both within the company and for customer needs. SoftServe innovation experts will help Co-create with Locals participants to validate their ideas, test projects for relevance, value and effectiveness for the request.
“At SoftServe, we know that the real success in innovation comes from the speed of solutions implementation and the cost of validating ideas in the marketplace. Our Innovation Platform is a tool created on the basis of our experience and knowledge, which we are happy to share with program participants,”said Yegor Asmankin, Project Manager of the Innovation Platform at SoftServe.
The company’s specialists will also conduct workshops for participants to explain how to use the innovation platform within the Co-create with Locals program. SoftServe experts will mentor program finalists on implementation of their ideas.

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The program is launched by UNDP under the United Nations Peacebuilding and Peacebuilding Program in conjunction with the SoftServe Innovation Development Platform, the UNDP Innovation Development Laboratory, the Network of Working Groups on Public Safety and Social Cohesion with financial support from the European Union and the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The program is supported by twelve international partners: the European Union, the European Investment Bank, the US Embassy in Ukraine, as well as the governments of Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden and Japan.