Lviv IT Cluster’s Innovative Bachelor Programs – Sure Way to a Career in IT

03 Jun, 2020

The future students of universities will soon start the application process. Those who have decided on their future profession should only choose a higher education institution and a program. And what should applicants who see their career in the IT industry opt for?

One of the priority areas of Lviv IT Cluster`s activities is IT education, with the projects IT Future and IT Expert implemented in Lviv. Within the frames of IT Expert,  curriculum in several universities in Lviv (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv Polytechnic National University, LNULS and UCU) was updated. Innovative bachelor programs were also introduced, including Cybersecurity, Statistical Data Analysis, and Software Engineering (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv), Internet of Things and Robotics (Lviv Polytechnic). You can find a full list of programs and detailed information about each one via the link.

Here, we will try to elaborate on the features of these programs and explain why  applicants should consider them in 2020.

Almost in IT. Innovative programs have been prepared by university representatives in cooperation with IT specialists from top IT companies in Lviv to bring theory as close as possible to practice and prepare students for modern labor market challenges. The training of students in innovative programs is based on the processes in an IT company. In particular, students create their own projects, launch startups, receiving guidance from mentors and experienced IT specialists. Besides, students complete internships at IT companies in Lviv, attend workshops and lectures as part of the companies’ education initiatives, and present their own projects before a panel of IT experts.

We are grateful to the companies that supported the initiative and have been actively assisting with their expertise in the educational process, namely PLVision, Ciklum, SoftServe, Eleks, Intellias, Conscensia, Cypress, Perfectial, KindGeek, Lohika, Vakoms, N-iX, VectorSoftware, V.I.Tech, GlobalLogic, Sombra, Nravo, Masteram, and Infopulse.

Unique courses. Interdisciplinary subjects allow students to learn how the IT industry works from inside out. Skills such as teamwork are present in the curricula of all programs introduced by Lviv IT Cluster. Also,  considerable attention is dedicated to developing skills of presenting your project or startup; these are public speeches, presentations, planning pitches, etc. The development of professional skills is a top priority of student teaching. Innovative programs teach students to think outside the box and prepare them for the challenges they might face working on real projects.

Modern equipment. In 2017-2019 Lviv IT Cluster with IT companies provided Lviv Universities with 3 innovative labs (Internet of Things Lab in NULP, Infopulse Data Science & Machine Learning Lab in Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, and Designing and Constructing Internet of Things Lab in NULP). Besides, Lviv IT Cluster is currently working on Smart Solutions & ІоТ lab in Ivan Franko National University of Lviv in cooperation with Intellias, N-iX , Vakoms. In particular, students of Lviv Polytechnic have an opportunity to go through the process of creating smart devices, from writing code to building a device in the IoT lab. For designing, the lab owns a laser engraver and a 3D printer, and for developing skills in programming, working with sensors and controllers robotic cars.
Qualified teaching staff. Not only students but also teachers of cluster programs constantly improve their knowledge and professional skills. Thanks to the support of Lviv IT Cluster’s companies, teaching staff take additional advanced training courses and participate in professional conferences. Before the start of a new course, the lecturers responsible for the course complete special training, and IT specialists from IT companies participate in the teaching process as visiting lecturers. For instance,  students of HR Management program at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv listen to webinars delivered by specialists from Conscensia, Epam, LITS, Vector Software. Students of Software Engineering program (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv) spend one day per week in Epam’s office.