Intellias Launches a Practical IT School IntelliStart

09 Nov, 2021

Intellias announces the launch of IntelliStart — an educational space for students, graduates and those who dream of starting their career in IT. IntelliStart is a free, practice-oriented school, which offers courses in Front-end, Java, DevOps, Testing, etc. IntelliStart educational programs will be also interesting for those who study programming languages on their own and want to receive deep knowledge needed to become engineers.

The schools’ main goal is to provide students with practical skills, which will help them start their careers in IT quickly and successfully. Intellias specialists with profound working experience will teach at IntelliStart. While developing educational programs they will follow the 70-20-10 principle, where 70% of time will be dedicated to practical work, 20% — to collaborative learning, and 10% — to theory. Educational programs will focus not only on technical skills, but soft skills as well, since they are crucial for future teamwork. Students will attend training in personal growth, presentation skills, etc. Moreover, students will have a mentor, who will help them to unleash their potential.

The first educational program in Front-end (React) starts on November 23. During 14 weeks attendees will be able to study for free the basics of web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), take part in React, Git, Routing, Redux, Testing and SDLC training. Moreover, they will upgrade their teamwork skills, personal efficiency, presentation skills and will receive feedback from professional mentors.

To enroll in the program, applicants need to register before 6 p.m. November 18. Future students will be selected following certain criteria, including basic understanding of HTML, CSS, basic experience of working with JavaScript, and sufficient English level (Intermediate + or higher).

«We are convinced that quality and practical IT education is one of the main prerequisites for stable development of the Ukrainian IT sphere. The existing educational institutions cover only the third part of the internal demand for specialists. We decided to join the educational process and become mentors for those beginners, who want to achieve cosmic results. By entering IntelliStart, students will experience the people-first Intellias culture. They will get a chance to immerse themselves into the internal company’s atmosphere, where 60% of engineers are Senior or higher level professionals. We want to be the driving force that pushes careers of the next generation of engineers forward», says VP Talent Management at Intellias Roman Hapachylo.

The best students will have a chance to enroll in a paid 3-months internship, which starts in February. There they will work on the team project led by the Intellias experts. After finishing the internship, students will receive a diploma and recommendations from their mentors.

About Intellias

Intellias is one of the biggest Ukrainian IT companies with more than 2000 professionals. The company’s development centers are located in Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Krakow. Intellias is also represented in Germany, Israel, the United States, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The company develops software solutions and provides professional services, specializing in the automotive industry, navigation systems, financial and telecommunications technologies. More than 2 billion people use tech products developed by Intellias engineers. For many years in a row, Intellias has been recognized as one of the best IT employers according to, the largest IT community in Ukraine. In 2020, the company received the same ranking from Forbes Ukraine, EY and MC.Today. In addition, Intellias has become the Best Cycling Employer of the Year twice.