Intellias Recognized as the Best IT Employer According to Forbes

14 Jan, 2021

Intellias was recognized as the best IT employer according to Forbes Ukraine magazine. The magazine annually ranks 50 best employers among Ukraine’s biggest companies from different industries. According to this year’s assessment, Intellias is listed among the top five companies. More to that, Intellias is the only IT company out of the five leaders, which are JTI, Kyivstar, ProCredit Bank, Kernel, and Intellias.

1-3“The key to building a successful IT company is having professional and talented specialists on board, therefore the competition on an IT talent market is tremendous. We are more than happy to be recognized as the best employer in our industry. It is a big honor for us, which also means a big responsibility for the future”, says Intellias CEO Vitaly Sedler.

The employers were ranked based on the results of a survey, which included 11,000 employees from 150 companies. Their responses compiled 60% of the final score. Another 20% were added by external experts, and the final 20% were composed based on the information from open sources.

“We pay special attention to creating comfortable working conditions, both physical and emotional. We are open to receiving feedback from our employees, and we сonstantly work on making Intellias an even better company”, adds Intellias Executive Chairman and COO Michael Puzrakov.

The final score was formed by several factors: 25% loyalty (employees’ readiness to recommend their company to other people), 20% salary (payroll and employees’ self-estimation), 20% workplace and working hours, 10% transparency of communication, 5% social package, 5% opportunities for professional development, 5% company’s support during the pandemic, 10% other factors (official employment, rewards, vacations, sick leaves, etc.).

Intellias has been also recognized as the best employer among the biggest service IT companies in Ukraine in 2020 according to, which is the biggest IT community in Ukraine.