Intellias – Employer of Choice for Professionals According to EY Survey

24 May, 2021

Intellias is one of the best IT employers in Ukraine according to EY’s Best Employer Survey 2020. The ranking of employers in 2020 was based on salary, corporate culture, personal and professional growth, and the company’s image on the market.

Intellias has been recognized among the best IT service companies according to the annual Best Employer Survey by EY Ukraine. During this survey, the industry’s professionals and students ranked the best IT employers and specified employer attractiveness criteria. Among other Top 10 IT employers, the professionals also mentioned Ciklum, EPAM, Genesis, GlobalLogic, Google, Grammarly, MacPaw, Microsoft, and SoftServe (in alphabetical order).

More than 1200 respondents across different regions of Ukraine took part in the survey from October to December 2020. The participants named up to three employers in order of their attractiveness and chose attractive companies from the suggested industry lists, which are based on the results of previous surveys.

The Best Employer Survey analyzes the labor market attractiveness of the companies and defines the preferences of the candidates while choosing a workplace. The research reveals that the key factors influencing the choice of an employer by IT professionals in 2020 were salary levels, corporate culture, personal and professional growth, and the company’s market position. Among other factors of employer attractiveness, the majority of respondents also mentioned a comfortable working environment, career growth, innovativeness, international experience, etc.

“Over the span of 19 years, Intellias has gone a long way from a small firm to one of the largest IT service companies in Ukraine. Despite the rapid growth, being a people-oriented company remains our key value. Our success depends on talented people, that’s why we build our corporate culture carefully and try to be a comfortable place to work and develop professionally”, says Vitaly Sedler, CEO, and co-founder of Intellias.

The company’s main values include flexibility, goal orientation, trust, and fair treatment of all colleagues. This resulted in Intellias being recognized as one of the best IT employers by for many consecutive years. In 2020, the company was acknowledged as Forbes Ukraine’s Best IT Employer. Intellias has also been named the Best Cycling Employer twice.