Interesting People: Taras and Denys from Juniors Club Lviv

25 Apr, 2016

How to attract more people in IT and learn lots in the process? Juniors Club Lviv manages to combine these two tasks, while uniting young IT professionals. The club started out in Epam and gathers mainly juniors to participate in various educational IT projects. Co-creators and Epam professionals Taras Ozarkiv and Denys Rudyak spoke with Lviv IT Cluster about great plans and upcoming events.

“Although we started about a year ago, more and more people get involved in our projects,” says Taras. The club has ten people driving the ideas; besides, various specialists are involved in different events of the club. For example, participants actively cooperate with Lviv IT Cluster on its project IT Future. In particular, 11 participants spoke at schools and shared their IT stories with the students.3

“We are also working on the projects for students like 7Ways Conference at Lviv Polytechnic University,” says Denys, «The event allows students to work on practical skills and communicate directly with practitioners.” The conference includes seven technical lectures, four workshops and two-day hackathon. The first lecture was held in late March, and the final hackathon will take place on May 14-15.

“At the conference, we are talking about the most interesting areas of IT, so the students can ask the professionals,” continues Denys, «We plan to make such conferences regular.” Also, Juniors Club Lviv works in the program EPAM E-kids, where little children learn about IT “We have a cool idea for the final of IT Future, but we want to keep it secret for now,” says Denys.

«Juniors Club Lviv helps people get into IT field. We want people to find themselves in this area, choose their own niche and improve their skills,” says Taras, «We also help switchers and share the experience of the first steps in the sphere.” According to him, it is a win-win for both the members and the audience of the club. “Juniors understand that through us, they can learn a lot and improve their presentation skills,” says Denys, “We give them the opportunity they need, and we learn in the process, too”.IT-Cluster-12_11_2015 (208 of 210)

“We want to break many stereotypes about IT, so people choose this area,” says Taras. According to him, different projects have different target audiences, focusing both on students and experts from various fields. “With projects like IT Future, we cannot see the results now, but we will see them in a few years when more students join IT,” says Taras, «But it is nice to see when students, whom met during IT Future, join our other activities.”

The club wants to expand its activities involving Epam specialists from other cities, as well as all interested professionals. “We hope this initiative spreads in other cities, so the club will be heard of in different parts of Ukraine,” concludes Denys.