Internet of Things Program Celebrates the Second Class of Graduates

05 Aug, 2021

In 2016, in collaboration with Lviv Polytechnic National University teachers and tech specialists, Lviv IT Cluster created the Bachelor’s program Internet of Things, the first one among seventeen other education programs (within the specialty Computer Science). Today, more than fifty tech specialists take part in program development and implementation. In 2021, the second batch of students graduated from the program. The graduation ceremony took place at Intellias, whose representatives actively contribute to the development and realization of the IoT program.

The IoT program is the result of effective cooperation with the leading IT companies in Lviv. Among them are Intellias, SoftServe, PLVision, Perfectial, Infineon Technologies, and other member companies of Lviv IT Cluster collaborated on the program’s curriculum and its implementation.

This innovative program combines new courses and a modern tech base for effective learning. Thanks to the support of Lviv IT companies, students have a wide range of opportunities in IoT device development and programming at the Internet of Things lab and Internet of Things Design and Construction lab.

IT company’s representatives expressed their hopes for the new generation of Ukrainian IT specialists.

“This program is a great example of a dual form of education, as the company members participate in the education process as much as the students do. Since the program was launched, more than one hundred students graduated from the program with Bachelor’s degrees. The program is built on real cases and consists of four components: fundamental science, applied technology, programming and industry-related courses,” shares Roman Pavliuk, Head of Technology Office at Intellias, IoT program teacher.

On top of that, to make the education process closer to real-life projects, specialists pay a lot of attention to teamwork and training with mentors who have significant professional experience in the tech industry.

Gaining the first professional experience is one more privilege of the IoT program. During the 4 years of studies, students participate in hackathons and conferences and do internships in the largest Lviv IT companies to become solid professionals and build successful careers.

“At the initiative of Zenoviy Veres, we formed a close-knit community of volunteers; despite the fact we are all different people, we created a successful education program, and today we can celebrate its second graduation. For that reason, I wish our graduates always to support each other as this is the only way to succeed,” Yaroslav Klochnyk, Sub Cluster Lead of Integration Platforms at SoftServe, IoT program professor.

“During the inauguration of our students at one of IT Arena conferences, СЕО of Lifecell said: “Looking at the stage, everything you see is present and past. On the contrary, I am in a much better position, as looking at the room, I see the future.” I am blessed to be surrounded by like-minded people who are the creators of the new world today. It is my sincere hope that the fire in their eyes will never extinguish, and the way they will implement all their projects will be an excellent example for the future students,” Zenoviy Veres, Solution Architect at SoftServe, IoT program teacher.

The admission campaign in 2021 has once again proved the growing popularity of the IoT program; the number of applications it received 800, with a passing score of 193,4. The number of students who can get a scholarship from the state is 65 (as of 02.08, most of the scholarships have already been allocated)

“For the last five years, Lviv IT Cluster has been working on the development of education in Lviv. The Internet of Things program at Lviv Polytechnic became the first one to boost qualitative changes in education. The successful employment of our students and positive feedback on the practical part of education shows that only through the synergy of business and education, one can achieve high potential in the future,” Khrystyna Horbas, Head of Educational at Lviv IT Cluster.

We want to thank all the experts that actively take part in program development, implementation and mentorship for supporting students’ projects, namely Andriy Skoropad, СЕО at Perfectial, Andriy Syvak, Software Engineering Manager at Infineon Technologies, Andriy Terlyga, Chief Delivery Officer at Intellias, Petro Sasnyk, Solutions Architect at SoftServe and Vitaliy Dutka, Business Director, Transportation & Logistics at Intellias. We also thank proactive companies that continue to help us with the modernization and creation of innovative Bachelor’s programs. At the moment, 17 BSc programs have already been modernized.

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