Lviv IT Cluster’s IoT Program Popular Choice Among Students

02 Aug, 2017

On July, 26, the university admission process has officially finished in Ukraine. The degree-program Internet of Things (IoT) at the Lviv Polytechnic became one of the most popular programs among students and the one with the highest passing score among Computer Science programs in Ukraine.

The passing score for IoT program is the highest in Ukraine – 190 points. 756 students have applied for the program during the admission process. 25 best students will receive a scholarship funded by the state, and the rest 125 places are without scholarships.

Such high points are the result of the efforts we’ve put in teaching the students, who applied for the program in 2016. I think, that the students of IoT already have a really high level of knowledge and this is our main advertisement among the new students. It’s a common work of the program creators, teachers, experts, mentors, Lviv IT Cluster and IT companies which helped us a lot” – comments Zenoviy Veres, Education Director at Lviv IT Cluster and Solution Architect at SoftServe.

The students selected for the scholarship need to confirm their applications by August, 5 and others – by August, 10. The program is designed for 150 students in general.

The first students of IoT program have already completed the first year of their studies. It impressed us how smart and progressive they already are. This program is very different from other university programs and this means that we are moving in the right direction. In 3-4 years these students will become good experts in the field of IoT and it will influence the general development of IT industry in the city. The success of this program shows that IT education in Lviv is the priorities for Lviv IT Cluster. The number of students really proves it”, – says Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO, Lviv IT Cluster.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the first innovation program of Lviv IT Cluster launched at the Lviv Polytechnic last year together with academics and IT companies – PLVisionSoftserveN-iXCypress SemiconductorCiklumIntelliasConscensia, Eleks,  KindGeek SoftwareLohikaPerfectialNravoVakoms, and Masteram.