IT Future visited school #46

16 Nov, 2015

As a part of the IT Future project the Lviv IT Cluster and Juniors Club Lviv, also EPAM Systems employees, had a fun and exciting meeting with the students of school #46. Our experts presented the stereotypes, opportunities and advantages of working in IT sphere.

Cluster carries out career-oriented meetings with students for two years in a row. The main purpose is to get the children acquainted with specifics and advantages of working in IT sphere, as well as to motivate children to study more diligently. This time the experience has been shared by Taras Ozarkiv, Denis Rudyak and Olena Bufan.

The class started with busting myths about who the programmers are. With the help of some funny slides Taras told the children about the concept of “But You Are A Programmer”, career stereotypes, and also busted the myth that there are no girls in IT. Olena Bufan, one of our experts, served as a living proof for that.

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Olena explained why it is important to learn English, and showed what IT offices look like around the world. The children found out about the possibility to travel and meet people from all over the world. “IT-people have an opportunity to express themselves and don’t have any restrictions for their appearance. I.e. they can dress as they like, as long as they look neat and clean at work, yet there are no restrictions or dress-code requirements”, – claims the girl.

Denis Rudyak told the children about “shifters”, and shared his experience with switching careers. He explain why it is important to be an expert in what you do, and why you shouldn’t be scared to change a job.

There has been plenty of time for question at the end of the class, and the most active students received gifts from EPAM Systems. The students were very engaged in the class and were willing to listen to the experts even after the bell for the break rang. It has been a nice surprise to see a third of the children raise their hands when asked if anyone is thinking about their future in IT. The class was ended by a group photo and selfies with our charismatic experts.

Cluster realizes that graduates need inspiration, motivation and real stories of success. Therefore, IT Future will continue growing to tell students more about the opportunities they can find in IT. As soon as November 17th our experts will share their experience with the students of the school “Grono”.