IT Park Construction to Start in Autumn

27 Jun, 2017

 Lviv is almost ready for the start of construction of the biggest infrastructure project – Innovation District IT Park which is scheduled to begin in autumn. The complex of office buildings will be able to accommodate 10 000 employees. On Saturday, June 24, during the IT Jazz conference, Lviv IT Cluster presented the future project with new visualizations and details.

IT Park – a business quarter with 6 office buildings, 2 business centers, hotel, shopping mall, university, kindergarten. The total area of the project is around 10 hectares. It will be built on the area around Stryiska, Chmoly, Kozelnytska and Luhanska streets. “There are 65 companies in Lviv IT Cluster now and we know our members very good, we understand their needs. We’ve made the survey among the IT companies and the results showed us, that the location on Stryiska-Chmoly is the best area from the point of view of logistics” – says Andrew Pavliv, Supervisory Board Chairman, Lviv IT Cluster, CEO & Co-Founder, N-iX.

IT Park is expected to be a place for comfortable working conditions, professional communication, a place for generating new ideas and building startups. Volodymyr Zhenchak, Developer and Investor of Innovation District IT Park, comments: “We’re really proud, that so many smart and well-educated people work in Lviv on the things needed in the whole world. Of course, we should provide them with the best conditions for work and leisure. I hope that this project will become special, fundamental for the city’s development. This part of Lviv will become a new business district of our city”.

Besides this, Innovation District IT Park will be also a place for education. A 6 000 m2 university will be built on the IT Park’s territory. “IT Park could become a creative environment for talented people. A creative person needs to be taught, educated in a creative environment. – says Taras Dobko, Senior Vice-Rector at Ukrainian Catholic University. – This environment should be on the edge of different subjects including bioethics, ethics of technology, IT Law etc”.

The office facilities will be constructed with the newest technologies, fully-equipped and designed regarding the IT company’s desires. The first stage of the IT Park will last for around 2,5 years; investments of the first stage equal to nearly 95 million dollars. Investment Manager of the project Olha Mandzyuk comments: “IT companies will receive six 8-floor buildings, which occupy around 70 000 m2 area, multifunctional center with services, entertainment zone, shops, fitness center, and a kindergarten. A university campus with labs is a must-do element of the project. It is planned that all of this will be included in the first stage and will be finished in 2,5 years and this is a pessimistic scenario”. The second stage of the construction will last from 5 to 6 years.

The first confirmed residences of IT Park include such companies as SoftServe, N-iX, GlobalLogic, Intellias, and Perfectial. The office area of 50 000 m2 will belong to them.