Education program
“IT Sales Management”

Licensed capacity
Profession: 124 ІТ Sales Manager
Who is a Sales Manager?

A Sales Manager is a specialist responsible for selling products and services created by a tech company.

He is also responsible for finding customers, presenting the product to meet precisely each potential customer’s needs, maintaining constant high-quality communication with clients, and selling the product or service. 

The IT Sales Manager also monitors the market and competitors, constantly works on updating the customer database, and prepares presentations and commercial offers. 

An essential part of Sales specialist work is to develop a sales strategy and select a competitive advantage of the product alongside being involved in the company’s products or services improvement.

The program meets the requirements of the modern market and has been updated by senior and lead industry experts.
The program’s teachers and mentors are industry experts who keep up with the latest trends in the sphere.
The opportunity for the best students to intern at leading companies of the Lviv IT Cluster.
Access to IT Studlava, a closed recruiting platform for students of the Lviv IT Cluster’s educational programs
About the program

The Lviv IT Cluster members and Lviv Polytechnic National University representatives created the educational program. The program is taught at the Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies. This educational program offers a unique opportunity to learn fundamental mathematical and economic disciplines. Graduates of the program have the proper knowledge and skills to work with modern information systems and technologies. They also have excellent communication and lead-generation skills. This approach facilitates the quick adaptation of graduates to the tech market’s required qualifications.

Vasyl Lytvyn
Head of Information Systems and Networks department, Curator of the IT Sales Management program
The IT Sales Management education program involves disciplines that give IT Sales Managers knowledge to handle all current requests of the tech industry. These approaches to learning correspond to similar programs in universities abroad, allowing program graduates to compete in Ukraine’s and foreign labor markets.
Terms of admission

Applications are submitted only online – in electronic form. To apply, please register an electronic account on the website

Licensed capacity
State scholarships
₴36 000
Tuition fee

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Course map
Course 1
During the first year of study, students learn the basics of programming and develop soft skills through teamwork with experienced mentors.
Semester 1
Discrete Mathematics
Further Mathematics
Economy and Finance
The Foreign Language
History of Ukraine’s State and Culture
Algorithmization and Programming
Semester 2
Further Mathematics
4 кредити
Communication Technologies
4 кредити
Ukrainian Language
4 кредити
The Foreign Language
Programming and Teamwork
Communication Technologies (coursework)
Course 2
In the second year of study, students master the essential tools and technologies of sales management.
Semester 3
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
Computer Networks
Operating Systems
The Foreign Language
Object-Oriented Programming
Basics of Lead Generation and Marketing
Semester 4
Database Management
Methodology of System Analysis
Modern Information Technologies (coursework)
Disciplines of Free Choice
Course 3
In the third year of study, students deepen their professional knowledge and skills in sales management
Semester 5
Operations Research and Optimization
Business Analysis
Design of Information Systems (coursework)
Calculation Methods and Data Visualization
Product Management
Disciplines of Free Choice
Semester 6
Tech Project Management
Sales Management Tools
Tech Product Marketing
Disciplines of Free Choice
Course 4
In the fourth year of study, students receive the knowledge necessary for strategic-level specialists
Semester 7
Legal Protection of Intellectual Property
asics of Occupational Safety and Health
The Practice of Conducting Negotiation
Disciplines of Free Choice
Semester 8
Barchelor Thesis
Technical English
Disciplines of Free Choice
Knowledge and skills that graduates of the program will possess:
Leading sales professionals have updated the IT Sales Management program to fully meet the market’s requirements.
Fundamental knowledge
  • Methods of data visualization and calculation
  • System and business analysis
  • Project management tools and methodology of project work
  • The complete sales cycle of the company product
Specialized knowledge and skills
  • Lead generation and marketing of tech products
  • Methods of price-setting for product and service development
  • Brand strategy of tech product
  • Basics of marketing and sales activities
  • SPIN method and B2B sales features
Soft Skills
  • Skills in effective communication, conducting negotiations, and public communication
After graduation, you can work as:
  • Sales Manager
  • Lead Generation Manager
  • Sales Quality Specialist
  • Business Development Manager
  • Customer Engagement Manager
  • Sales Development Representative
Program developers
Taras Petriv
Customer Engagement Director, N-iX, Curator of the IT Sales Management program
Orysya Hirna
CEO, Zozoola, Director of BDA School, LITS, teacher of communication technologies course at the IT Sales Management program
Igor Luzhanskiy
Founder Chatbots.Studio
What do the developers think of the program?
Customer Engagement Director, N-iX, Curator of the IT Sales Management program “For the tech business, sales is a key component of the company’s growth and strengthening its competitiveness. Technology, management, and finance intersect in the IT Sales Manager profession, so it deserves to be considered prestigious in the tech business. Graduates of IT Sales Management will get the opportunity to dive deep into the exciting world of tech, work with clients from abroad, contribute to the growth of Ukraine’s economy.
Taras Petriv
Customer Engagement Director, N-iX, Curator of the IT Sales Management program
The professional community has been waiting for this program for a long time. Finally, we will get an opportunity to train and grow professional tech salespeople, which simply did not exist until now. Many years of experience and practical knowledge have been invested in this course. When creating it, we considered the most relevant skills that students, future IT Sales experts, should acquire. When preparing the curriculum and forming educational materials, we used the latest world practices and trends and many years of work experience in tech. Students will receive the most up-to-date, practical, highly intensive program covering not only sales in tech, but also all related areas, for a broad understanding of business processes inside the tech companies.
Orysya Hirna
CEO, Zozoola, Director of BDA School, LITS, teacher of communication technologies course at the IT Sales Management program
In Ukraine, we have a strong engineering school, which allows us to realize great projects. But the sphere of sales and client relations, unfortunately, is a weak point. You often have to learn by doing. It takes time and does not always guarantee a result for the employer. Therefore, we maximized the program compliance with the requests of the market. For me, as the program initiator, it is very important that students get not only knowledge but also practical skills. I am glad that with a team of professionals, we managed to create a course having no analogs.
Igor Luzhanskiy
Founder Chatbots.Studio

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