September has been an extra busy time for our team for nine years. Tech enthusiasts from all over the country and abroad flock to Lviv for the IT Arena – a tech event that unites the industry and looks at the future of tech. Due to the ongoing war, the event scales down this year but sets itself an ambitious goal – to collectively think about how the industry can help us win the war. The September issue of ITID Lviv highlights the importance of tech education, pinpoints the most exciting projects in EdTech, and keeps a close eye on how the local tech companies persevere in wartime.


This time, ITID Lviv will look at the future of education with the rise of web 3.0 and such, how to excel at your own job while providing mentorship guidance to your peers or students, and more. We discover how an EdTech platform developed in Lviv is already transforming education in the whole region. The future of EdTech might not seem immediate, but it is definitely exciting. Our cover for this issue was created with AI with the help of Midjourney.
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