We now live in unprecedented times. The pandemic is far from being over, the virus is mutating, and the vaccination doesn’t seem to be completely under control. These days, often isolated from our friends, family, or travel opportunities, many of us find unity in smaller communities – be it the community of neighbors, groups for self-growth and development, or professional communities. One can also unite for the sake of bigger goals, like driving all-encompassing changes in society. The spring issue of ITID Lviv celebrates the power of community in our city.

This time, we dive deeper into the essence of our organization, reflecting on our past achievements and looking into the future. From modernizing technical education to building infrastructure projects, we introduce you to the ideas that lay at the core of the Lviv IT Cluster and the people behind them. Despite the turbulence the past year brought us, we continue to build a community of effective leaders, willing to transform the city of Lviv into a true tech center.

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