Without exaggeration, during the last couple of years, Ukraine has experienced a real startup boom. We’ve got unicorn success stories, like the example of Grammarly, and lots of other smaller teams steadily and proudly expanding on the local and global markets. The October issue of ITID Lviv pays close attention to the Ukrainian startup ecosystem, speaking to the people who are driving its development in Lviv. On the occasion of Ukraine’s 30th Independence Day, we take a look at the country’s 30 brightest and loudest startups, dividing them based on sustainability, exit experience, and growth prospects.

This month, Lviv hosts one of the key startup events in the country – the Startup Competition organized within IT Arena. While we cannot wait to hear fresh and innovative ideas from the event’s participants, we share stories about startup culture, cooperation and projects at local tech companies. Build, launch, innovate – is the main theme of the ITID Lviv in October, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to the issue!

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