ITIS Joined Lviv IT Cluster

07 Oct, 2019

ITIS Company is a strong and professional team, the most dynamic system integrator on the Ukrainian market. The company’s activities are based on the principles of partnership and innovation.

ITIS helps their clients to solve tasks related to management decision-making efficiency, cost savings, data retention, and resources optimization with the latest technologies.

The company focuses on a strategic and advisory approach of working with customers, seeking to speak with them in one language. The experience we have gained in the consulting and IT business has been transformed into a strategy that enables us to hear the customer, identify his needs correctly, and communicate best practices in the use of innovative technologies.

We are proud of the professional experience of our staff and their willingness to take on the latest developments that have not yet been opened to the Ukrainian customer. As we develop regional offices, we aim to share our experience and best technological practices with regional customers, developing not only the major cities of Ukraine, but also their territories, and the country as a whole. Introduction to the cluster, to the community of professionals, is a new driver of our development. We hope that we will be able to multiply the positive cases and strengthen the flawless reputation of the cluster,” – said Igor Fedchenko, CEO of ITIS.

On behalf of Lviv IT Cluster, I admit we are happy that our community is growing. The number of progressive companies increases with companies of different industry domains. I’m sure that will help us to achieve our goals and work on tech industry improvement more effectively, ” – comments CEO of Lviv IT Cluster, Stepan Veselovskyi.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to accomplish non-standard tasks, want to distinguish yourself from your competitors in the industry or start a new business in Ukraine, ITIS specialists will help you to find the best solutions and accompany you throughout the project life cycle – from design and procurement to systems and solutions implementation, technical support or upgrade services.

Some facts:

DSTU ISO 9001: 2015 (IDT) – compliance of the company with the national standard of Ukraine.

30 vendors in the portfolio of solutions

50 certified specialists

24x7x365 – technical support mode