IT Jazz Conference: Highlights

27 Jun, 2017

IT Jazz conference took place on June 23-24 during the Alfa Jazz Festival. International guests, government representatives, IT experts and CEO’s discussed tech development in Ukraine, investments as well as the concept of a creative city. Here’re some main points presented by the speakers.

Andrew Pavliv, Supervisory Board Chairman, Lviv IT Cluster, CEO & Co-Founder, N-iX: “We always say that Ukraine is an innovative country. One of our missions is to unlock Ukrainian innovation potential. And we’re doing this with very good services to our clients. We’re promoting the country because most of the engineers are located here. IT industry is doing very well. I think that Lviv IT companies will grow and we will have more global companies coming here and opening local offices. The number of IT professionals is growing. A few years ago we had 15 000 IT employees in Lviv, now we have around 20 000. We have the ambition to have 30 000 IT specialists until 2022. It’s a very big number for the city, even for Europe. So, IT industry will grow, I don’t see any other ways to go”.

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Taras Kytsmey, President of IT Ukraine Association, Member of the Board, SoftServe: “We like jazz music because it’s freedom in music. IT is freedom in business. We all love this freedom. If we take a look at the Ukrainian IT industry, its growing. IT started to be a big industry in the country which is working for an export. It has an impact on the society. We are already a part of the global economy. You don’t have to create Ukrainian “Windows”, “Internet Explorer” or some time management system, these products are already created. We should target new emerging technologies. Here we see great opportunities. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Computer Vision, face recognition – these are the areas where you can find many niches nowadays”. 

Nataliya Mykolska, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Trade Representative of Ukraine: “Business is always a driving force in providing development and information that we need to bring to the world – Ukrainian success, Ukrainian inventions, Ukrainian R&D offices. Our major task is to be on the edge of any global processes. We need to talk globally about our success, our technological and science history. The world needs to know what Ukraine can contribute to any global processes”.

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Diane Francis, Member of Advisory Council, Hudson Institute Kleptocracy Initiative: “IT outsourcing industry is just the beginning. You can’t do research and development without outsourcing industry; it makes no sense. First, you need to understand the market, how it operates. To create jazz music, you first need to know how to play the piano. Here, it is the same. You have to do the basics, to learn what’s going on, what is IT outsourcing, and then you can start creating jazz. If Ukraine fixes the corruption problem, it will have a chance to become a new China. The USA was an extremely corrupt country in the beginning, but we’ve managed it. So keep working on it. I see Ukraine and IT industry here very perspective”.

Deepak Bhandari, Head of Europe and Director, Avendus UK: “There is a lack of talented people all around the world. This is why you see many companies having research centers and offices in different countries. There is a lot of high-quality companies and a lot of potential in Ukraine. So, the goal of Western capital companies is to identify them. Ukraine is very close to most of the European countries and the people here have a similar mentality. That’s why we are interested in this country”.

Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO, Lviv IT Cluster: “It’s a very nice atmosphere here to create some new things, make new agreements. Last year on this conference we had the first presentation of our project Innovation District IT Park and this year we’re going to open more cards, we already have investors and the first residents. So we have this tradition to start new projects every year on IT Jazz conference. I would say also that networking on the conference is very important part of creating and developing new projects together with business and government”.