Lviv IT Cluster Launches Two Degree Programs in Cybersecurity

28 Mar, 2018

Lviv IT Cluster continues to modernize education will be launching new degree programs at Lviv universities. In addition to five Bachelor’s programs that have been previously launched, the Cluster initiates four new programs this year. Two of them – in Cybersecurity.

Together with IT companies, Lviv IT Cluster is working on modernizing Bachelor’s programs in Cybersecurity at two universities – Lviv Polytechnic and at Lviv State University of Life Safety. Cybersecurity combines the technologies and processes designed to protect and control systems, data, networks, users from data breaches and cyber attacks. The students will have a unique opportunity to learn the newest technologies in this field and work on real projects together with experienced mentors from IT companies.

There is a real problem nowadays – the lack of cybersecurity experts on the job market. The young specialists who graduated from local universities don’t have the needed knowledge and skills for starting to work as the security specialists. The new programs will prepare new well-educated specialists who could easily work in Ukraine as well as abroad.” – Comments Michael Kropyva, Lead of Cybersecurity programs and InfoSec Director at SoftServe.

In total, Lviv IT Cluster has already initiated 9 innovative degree programs and launched one modern lab. It’s a lot of work and efforts on behalf of the Cluster, experts from local IT companies, academics, etc. But it’s definitely worth it. Tech education in Ukraine can’t be the same as it was 10 years ago, it needs to move forward. Students need to learn about the latest changes in the technology world to be well-prepared for their future careers. It’s also a great opportunity for Lviv to become the best place in the country for quality tech education and developing IT industry.” – Says Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO, Lviv IT Cluster.

The Cybersecurity programs will be launched at the Institute of Computer Technologies, Automation, and Information, Department of Information Security at Lviv Polytechnic, and at the Educational and Research Institute of Civil Defense, Department of Information Security Management at Lviv State University of Life Safety. The programs, designed for 180 students, will officially open the doors in September 2018.

Cybersecurity is an important part of the whole system of society and country’s defense, what is proclaimed by Ukrainian laws, Ukrainian’s president’s decrees in the information security sphere. But all these things can be implemented in reality just by creative and well-educated cybersecurity specialists. Lviv Polytechnic has increased the number of students at Cybersecurity specialties from 80 to 165 this year.” – Comments Valeriy Dudykevych, professor, Head of Department of Information Security at Lviv Polytechnic National University.

More information and details about Cybersecurity programs will be available during Open Days in April. Dates will be announced soon and on the official FB pages – Cybersecurity at Lviv Polytechnic and Cybersecurity at Lviv State University of Life Safety.

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