KindGeek Launches Online School for Java Developers

A new set of students for a three-month online Java programming school by KindGeek has started. KindGeek School: Java is an online educational program for Java developers – both beginners and those who want to retrain. It is a great opportunity for those people who are interested in technology and already have a basic knowledge of Java, as well as at least an intermediate level of English. Besides, technical education will be a plus.

Training for future Java developers will begin on December 13 and will last 3 months. Classes will be held in the format of online meetings in zoom three times a week and will last 1.5 hours.

for-fb2021-11-16-3Less theory, more practice. We planned the course so that the acquired theoretical knowledge could be immediately applied in practice. During their studies, students will have the opportunity to develop their pet projects under the guidance of course teachers.

Classes will take place in small groups (up to 15 people), so each student will be able to get feedback and advice from their mentor. Moreover, during the course, all participants will have access to chat with lecturers.

The graduates of our school will receive deep theoretical and, most importantly, practical knowledge, a project in the portfolio, a certificate of completion, individual recommendations, and last but not least – the opportunity to work in KindGeek.

We created KindGeek School: Java to help talented people gain quality knowledge, valuable experience and allow the best of them to implement it in KindGeek, so the course is free.
“Before I went to KindGeek School, I only knew the basics of Java, which is a drop in the ocean compared to the knowledge needed for commercial projects. During KindGeek Java School, I gained many theoretical and practical skills that I use in my work. Another big advantage of the school is writing a project that allows you to understand how the real development processes are arranged. After completing the courses, I received a job offer, which was my goal in studying programming”Bohdan, a graduate of KindGeek School.

Learn more about KindGeek School: Java, read the program and register for the course at: