Winners of IT Challenge Competition Awarded by the Cluster

24 May, 2018

For the fifth year in a row, Lviv IT Cluster co-organizes of IT Challenge competition for school students together with Lviv City Council and Lviv Polytechnic. After three stages of the competition, the winners have finally been chosen by the jury. The official award ceremony took place at the city council on Tuesday, May 22.

IT Challenge – is an Information Technology competition for students from Lviv and the region divided into three stages. The last stage consists of developing and presenting student projects in front of the jury. In 2018, 7 students took part in the final stage of IT Challenge. Their task was to create an educational game for any school course in English, to encourage students to deepen their knowledge of English.

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Yuriy Kalichun, the 11-grade student from “The first-degree school-gymnasium”, became the winner of IT Challenge 2018. Yuriy developed an educational game for geography course. “For the last stage of IT Challenge, I developed a game GeoBook for learning geography. I’ve worked on the project thinking about that fact, that it needs to be interesting for students to be willing to play the game again and again. The game consists of two levels – Flag Guess game to check your knowledge of international flags and the second part – Countries – where you compete with the computer in naming countries. After finishing both levels, users can see their results and try to do better next time,” tells about his project Yuriy Kalichun.

As the prize the winner got 10 000 UAH certificate from Lviv IT Cluster and his school will receive a new computer lab equipment. Other three participants with the best results, received certificates for courses in LITS and Logos IT Academy.

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Lviv IT Cluster is actively developing educational projects. Among them – new degree programs at Lviv universities, lectures by experienced IT experts, educational visits to Lviv, and, IT Challenge competition for talented students. We really want to give young people more opportunities to learn, stay motivated, self-develop, and generate ideas for their own projects. This year the IT Challenge participants had to develop a game in English. For the tech industry, English knowledge is paramount, and every student should be ready for this,” comments Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO, Lviv IT Cluster.

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In addition, finalists of IT Challenge received great presents from Lviv IT Cluster member-companies. Lviv IT Cluster is grateful to the companies who supported the students: Lohika, N-iX, GlobalLogic, Data Art, PLVision, SoftServe, Perfectial, Conscensia, Sombra, LITS, Logos IT Academy.

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