Lviv IT Cluster Provides PCR Labs Staff in Lviv With Protective Clothing

21 May, 2020

As part of the United for Health initiative, Lviv IT Cluster delivered protective wear to healthcare workers who perform PCR tests for COVID-19 in Lviv laboratories.

On May 20, Lviv IT Cluster handed over 54 PPE personal protective equipment kits for medical workers who conduct PCR tests in Lviv. Full protective kit for work with pathogenic microorganisms of biosafety level 1-2 (PPE) is designed to create safe working conditions for staff of sanitary and epidemiological stations, medical, diagnostic, and research centers and laboratories working with raw materials of biological origin. Until now, laboratory workers have used unreliable disposable protective clothing.

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The kit consists of a protective robe, a suit, a helmet, rubber boots, boot covers, gloves, a 5-layer mask, an apron, and oversleeves. The outerwear is made of barrier antistatic textile materials from polyester, which are marked by an integral structure. The manufacturer guarantees the following properties of protective kits: high wear resistance, high resistance to disinfectants, and comfortable use.

Each laboratory worker who conducts PCR tests was provided with 2 PPE kits. The kits were delivered to the Lviv Regional Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on Krupyarska street 27, from where they will be distributed to all employees of PCR laboratories in Lviv.

The purchase of protective kits was carried out within frames of Lviv IT Cluster’s United for Health initiative thanks to financial support by EPAM.