Lviv IT Cluster Supported Student Participation in World Robot Olympiad

09 Jan, 2018

Lviv IT Cluster has always been supporting talented students. With the Cluster’s financial support, a student from Lviv got a chance to participate in the biggest robotic competition – World Robot Olympiad, which took place in Costa Rica.

Svyatoslav Zhdanyuk, the student of Lviv school № 81 was the only participant from Lviv in the Ukrainian team of World Robot Olympiad (WRO). He got the 19th place on the WRO, which took place on November 11-12 in Costa Rica.

World Robot Olympiad is the biggest robotics competition in the world. It takes place in different countries every year and impresses by its size  – there are around 400 teams from more than 50 countries. During the Olympiad, the teams build and program robots to do specific tasks of the competition.

The smart and talented student could participate in the biggest competition of robots and show great results thanks to Lviv IT Cluster’s financial support. “I received the pretask for WRO already in December. I had to create a robot which would clean the air from carbon, plant trees and place solar panels in specific zones. It was possible to prepare and do this task at home before the competition. But for the first round in Ukraine and then for the competition in Costa Rica, we were supposed to bring the disassembled robot. We need to build the robot right there on the competition from the very beginning and improve the program”, – says Svyatoslav Zhdanyuk, the participant of WRO.

There were few Ukrainian teams in three categories of the competition. The teams in junior league got 27 and 37 place, 19 and 33 place in middle league and 29 place in senior league.

It is very important for Lviv IT Cluster to support talented young people, giving an opportunity for self-development and inspire to be interested in new technologies and popularize IT. “I’m very motivated after the WRO. – continues Svyatoslav Zhdanyuk. I’ve just created the new robot which can recognize the colors and sort the details with the same color. My next plan is to participate in the robotics competition in Lviv Polytechnic. The task is to build a robot-car which would drive the given distance in the shortest time. There also will a new task for the next World Robot Olympiad in February. I also plan to participate. Because it’s very challenging and interesting”.

The next World Robot Olympiad 2018 will take place in 2018.