Cluster is looking for experts!

26 Oct, 2015

It’s the beginning of autumn, which means it’s time for our IT Expert project to start. The purpose is to update the learning courses in the universities by cooperation between experts from leading IT companies and professors.

What should I do? The main task of an IT Expert is holding interesting lectures concerning nowadays IT topics and cooperating with professors. You will have a real opportunity to enhance education quality and help us get learning courses in the universities up to date.

How can I join the project? Fill out this FORM.
У формі у вас буде змога ознайомитись і з навчальними дисциплінами, які можна обрати.


  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Computer and computer systems architecture
  • Programming Basics
  • Problem-Oriented Programming (C,C++)
  • Access Control Systems and Networks
  • Programming Basics (Informatics)
  • Web-Design
  • Web-Technologies
  • Operational Systems
  • CAD Techniques

Don’t forget that diligent experts get a ticket to one of the biggest IT conferences in Ukraine – Lviv IT Arena 2016!!! You can find more details about the project here.

If you have any questions, please, contract the project coordinator Marta Maksym. Email, call 097 654 09 16

пост експерту

Another educational project – IT Future – has open offers as well.

What should I do? The main task is to carry out career-oriented meetings with students. You can get the school children acquainted with specifics and advantages of working in IT. Who knows, maybe your speech will inspire a child to become a future Bill Gates or Steve Jobs!

How can I join the project? If you want to join the project, email our project coordinator Olya Kolos at