Adorama Camera, Inc is a New Member of Lviv IT Cluster

26 Nov, 2021

Adorama Camera, Inc, a camera, electronics, and film equipment retailer joined Lviv IT Cluster. Apart from the main business of selling equipment, the company actively develops new areas for the sale of goods for outside activities, professional photo printing, and rental of studio equipment.

Adorama was founded by Mendel Mendlowits in 1974 with the goal to help out amateurs, hobbyists, and professionals in the photography community. With the goal of creating a business that was more than just a camera store, Adorama was set up to be an all-around resource for professional photographers in the news, modeling, and print industries, with helpful and knowledgeable staff members who care about your images as much as you do. Adorama also went on to establish its own photo lab, offer equipment rental, and run workshops through the Adorama Learning Center. By 2021, Adorama opened ultra-modern logistics centers in New Jersey, Utah, and Tennesee.

Adorama Ukraine’s office in Lviv will be mostly concentrated on R&D, helping to develop and support its e-Commerce platform.

“That’s a big pleasure for us to be a part of Lviv IT Cluster. We hope to have mutually beneficial cooperation with the whole local community of IT professionals,” said Vitaliy Bondar-Tvorovskiy, Director of Engineering at Adorama Ukraine.

“It is beneficial when genuine professionals who wish to develop projects and work for success join a big network of like-minded individuals. We are delighted that Adorama has decided to join Lviv IT Cluster community. I believe that our collaboration will provide many innovative and fascinating ideas,”  Stepan Veselovskyi, СЕО Lviv IT Cluster.