Clario Joins Lviv IT Cluster

09 Jun, 2021

Clario – a consumer-focused cybersecurity company on a mission to change an industry. The company consists of over 800 professionals, including 600 digital security experts, with one common goal – supporting everyone’s right to digital life, secured. The main idea of the company is to create a next-generation digital security solution with a human touch.

“We are proud to become a part of Lviv IT Cluster and join forces with other great companies! We are happy to contribute to our community, share experience and make a bigger impact together,” comments Mykola Tymkiv, COO at Clario.

Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO of Lviv IT Cluster, comments, “Lviv IT Cluster is a voice of the Lviv tech industry and with every new member, the association becomes stronger and more influential. This cooperation allows us to work as a united team and multiply the success. I hope Clario will help us to attain uncommon results”.