EdPro Presents Amperia Education Project at Expo 2020 Dubai

08 Nov, 2021

EdPro joined other participants of the Ukraine pavilion to present Ukraine’s potential in the field of innovative educational products to the world community.

The company of advanced technical solutions for schools, EdPro brought Amperia, the constructor for the practical (or laboratory) works on electrics at schools to one of the world’s most powerful technology exhibitions – Dubai Expo 2020. This is an innovative product, thanks to which students at physics lessons can create working diagrams, conduct experiments, measure various quantities and better understand how everything works. The solution is already used in Ukrainian schools, lyceums and gymnasiums. Amperia is ideal for STEAM-projects, specifically the experimental part of research. And the constructor itself is reasonably considered an achievement that contributes to the development of STEAM-education.

for-fb2021-11-08-1The Amperia constructor is not the only solution of the company. EdPro seeks to improve school education. Therefore, in addition to Amperia, they created an interactive EdPro Touch panel and educational software for schools MozaBook.


At Expo 2020, together with EdPro, Ukraine is represented by companies from various industries. Spacebit has brought unique solutions for space exploration. This is a Ukrainian-British moon flight project scheduled for March 2022. JAXET presented clothing relevant during the pandemic with protection against contamination and viruses. And UNIEXO brought a robotic exoskeleton to the exhibition to rehabilitate the movements of human limbs. You can read more in the companies blog.

The World Expo 2020 in Dubai will run until the end of March 2022.