ELEKS Has Signed a Declaration for Gender Equality

ELEKS  company joined the initiative to support Ukraine in achieving global  sustainable development goals: 
SDG 5 “Ensure gender equality and empowerment of women and girls” and 

SDG 8 “Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all”.


The declaration provides the following commitments for the companies involved until 2025: 
– introduce gender-sensitive approaches to the work of companies, create conditions for decent work and equal employment and implement family-friendly policies; 
– to promote the prevention of domestic violence and the formation of intolerance to all its manifestations; 

– to develop and encourage cooperation for the promotion of women’s rights, gender equality and the development of intolerance to domestic violence.


The declaration also includes a roadmap for companies to implement a number of measures to promote gender equality, develop policies that take into account the needs of family life, ensure work-life balance and respond to domestic violence, which is a major problem for many countries, including Ukraine.


ELEKS has joined the Declaration by taking a natural step to maintain a culture of inclusiveness and diversity, in which everyone in the organization can perform their duties, be heard, and realize their personalities and skills on a daily basis.


“One of ELEKS ‘strategic goals is gender balance. We are striving to make an inclusive IT community in Ukraine with equal opportunities for everyone, in which new ideas are accepted, valuable experience is respected, which encourages innovation and success. We want all our professionals to have information on how best to provide people with the support they need in certain life circumstances. That is why we have joined the Declaration for Gender Equality and Prevention of Domestic Violence and call on other companies in the industry and beyond to join us on this path to help our society to become a safe place for everyone’s self-realization,” said Kateryna Andrushchenko, Head of Employee Relations Department in ELEKS.


The initiative is implemented by UN Population Fund in Ukraine – UNFPA Ukraine  and the expert organization Centre for CSR Development Ukraine.