Intellias Joins The UN Global Compact

04 Oct, 2021

In September 2021 Intellias has joined The UN Global Compact. The company has accepted responsibility to follow the Ten Principles of the Global Compact in four directions: human rights protection, employment relationships, environmental protection, and anti-corruption. From now on these principles should be included in the company’s strategy, culture, and daily processes.

“We are convinced that the UN Sustainable Development Goals are impossible to achieve without business involvement. Intellias actively participates in socially responsible projects. The UN Global Compact membership gives us a chance to join a responsible community, which sets trends and realizes that sustainability is not an additional option, but an obligation for every company,” says Intellias CEO and co-founder Vitaly Sedler.

For a few years in a row, Intellias has been promoting the ideas of ecomobility, engaging people to use electric cars and bicycles. The company supports cycling on a strategic level, which allowed Intellias to win an award as the Best Cycling Employer twice. Bearing that in mind, the company contributes to achievement of the Global Goal #11 “Sustainable development of cities and communities”.

By signing Women Empowerment Principles initiated by the UN, the company supports achievement of the goal #5 “Gender equality”. WEP consists of 7 principles, which guide companies on their way to securing human rights and conquering discrimination. Currently, the company works on its gender equality strategy, supports professional and leadership development of female specialists, organizes educational events on non-discrimination and equal opportunities. By doing so, Intellias joins the global movement for gender equality in workplaces and society in general.

Further on, the company plans to increase its contribution to achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Being a member of the UN Global Compact, the company will get access to the world’s and Ukraine’s best practices in sustainable development. Besides, being an official member, the company will present annual reports on achieving The UN Sustainable Development Goals.