Intellias Ranked Among the Top 10 Biggest IT Companies in Ukraine

23 Aug, 2021

Intellias, which has offices in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Krakow, has exceeded the 2000 specialists’ mark. It helped the company get ranked among the top 10 biggest Ukrainian IT companies in the annual rating. Currently, Intellias takes 9th place and belongs to the fastest-growing IT companies.

The full list of the biggest companies, Lviv IT Cluster members, is available following the link.

During the first half of 2021, Intellias mainly hired .NET, Java, Scala, C++, JavaScript, DevOps, and AQA engineers. The majority of them are Senior specialists. The company recruited specialists to work in Automotive, FinTech, Telecom, and Digital spheres. Intellias also develops its own Technology office, which helps international clients find the best business solutions and technologies. The Technology office team has hired Solution Architects, UI/UX Designers, ML Engineers, Security Experts, and other specialists.

“For the last 19 years, Intellias has been uniting talented engineers and building the best technical expertise. One of our main priorities is to preserve our corporate values despite the company’s rapid growth. We focus on acting humanely, not only within our teams but also at the business processes level. We are proud of having 2000 specialists on board and will keep on growing and developing”, – says Vitaly Sedler, CEO and co-founder at Intellias.

Intellias has been recognized as the best employer multiple times. The company was named the best employer of 2020 according to EY research. The same year, Intellias became the best employer among service companies according to survey and the best employer among all IT companies according to Forbes Ukraine. Apart from that, Intellias received awards from UCycle as the best cycling employer.