ISsoft Ukraine –‌ a New Member of Lviv IT Cluster

04 Aug, 2022

ISsoft Ukraine is part of the US corporation Coherent Solutions. The company offers full-cycle software development services: custom digital solutions, web and mobile application development, DevOps, and data services, blockchain, and IoT.

Development center ISsoft Ukraine was opened in Lviv in December 2020. More than 90 professionals from all over Ukraine have already joined us, and rapid growth is expected ahead! Globally our corporation is fueled by 2000+ professionals from Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, and the USA.

The company annually ranks high in the ratings of Inc. 5000, Software 500, and Clutch Top Developers. ISsoft engineers have successfully implemented more than 500 projects for customers in various fields: finance, insurance, medicine, automotive, entertainment, tourism, and travel. ISsoft Ukraine focuses on top-notch IT solutions for North American and European markets: we are proud to work with John Deere, Daikin Applied, Videology, and other well-known brands.

“We believe that ISsoft Ukraine, together with other Lviv IT Cluster members, will develop IT-industry, share experience, and support community’s initiatives,” says Dmytro Sennikov, General Manager ISsoft Ukraine.

“We’re very glad that ISsoft Ukraine became a member of Lviv IT Cluster. Our organization continues to grow, and more and more companies ready to join the tech industry development are joining our community. I hope for fruitful cooperation and active involvement in projects that develop Ukraine’s IT industry,”  adds Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO of the Lviv IT Cluster.