Ralabs – a New Member of Lviv IT Cluster

07 Sep, 2022

Ralabs was founded back in 2014 as a fintech startup. Later on, the startup evolved into an outsourcing company. Basically, the software engineers built Ralabs for software engineers. The co-founders wanted to ensure the tech people would enjoy the work and focus on the most important: coding & developing real solutions while keeping life/work in balance. 

Ralabs switched to a 100% remote workstyle recently. To keep the company culture, multiple online events and regular all-hands meetings are organized. Overall, the Ralabs team developed multiple successful projects, one of them being a media platform Hromadske.ua.

Before the full-scale invasion, the company prepared for the worst, and it helped a lot to stay afloat during February and March. Ralabs supports Ukrainian Army in all possible ways: collects donations, helps buy military cars, and organizes charity events. The company believes in Ukraine and will keep bringing new projects to ensure the economy stays strong.

“The Ralabs team is excited to join the Lviv IT Cluster since we believe we can provide positive input to the community. Lviv IT Cluster membership is an opportunity to contribute and grow. As well, it’s crucial to stay together to support the country and economy more effectively,”  says Andrew Yasynyshyn, СEO and co-founder of Ralabs.

“Lviv IT Cluster is the biggest tech community in Ukraine which constantly grows. We are glad to engage our new members in the realization of new and important projects for the tech industry, the city, and the country. Welcoming Ralabs to the Cluster and hope for effective and productive collaboration,” сomments Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO Lviv IT Cluster.