Scalamandra – New Member of Lviv IT Cluster

Scalamandra is a Software Development Company. It helps to achieve business goals by developing software solutions.

Scalamandra is involved in developing websites, analytical dashboards, automation systems, and mobile applications. They makes it possible for clients to take the next step in modernizing legacy applications using functional programming and cutting-edge technologies.

The company’s strong point is to provide our clients with a range of services in Scala, Akka, Kafka, Spark, and React.js. For example, Scalamandra provides ongoing support & development of back-end application logic written on Scala for ScienceSoft in their complex financial project.

Also, Scalamandra maintains the entire development and implementation cycle of customized software. For the DRVR company, they have developed a mobile application and websites in the field of telematics from scratch.

for-fb2021-11-11-2-scalThe name represents two ideas: Scala is favorite company’s programming language, and Salamandra is a lizard listed in the IUCN Red List. Scalamandra is a remote company headquartered in Lviv. Its motto: «Use the maximum of your talent!»

«We are proud of our cooperation with the IT cluster! We are happy we can contribute to the development and popularization of the IT sector in Lviv and Ukraine as a whole», says Ilia Podavalkin, CEO of Scalamandra.

«We welcome Scalamandra in Lviv IT Cluster family. I’m sure that the company’s professionalism and innovative ideas will find great feedback in our tech-like-minded unity. I believe that our collaboration will bring new creative ideas and solutions», says Stepan Veselovskyi, СЕО Lviv IT Cluster.