Wwwest solutions Joins Lviv IT Cluster

Wwwest solutions has joined the Lviv IT Cluster. 5 years since the company’s foundation and more than 10 years of experience in the field of IT have given wwwest solutions an understanding and the belief that today they have something that can enrich the community of the city and the field in which they work. The company successfully works in the areas of WEB, IT consulting and WEB consulting. Basic technologies: PHP, Laravel, Javascript. Key projects for media and news portals, marketing agencies, online learning.

Wwwest solutions is a small company that is not afraid of big challenges. There are more than 30 employees in the company, and they are flexible to changes and at the same time unwavering in maintaining the core values: quality, responsibility and innovation, as well as continuous growth – everyone in the team and the company in general. The company’s partners have grown with the wwwest solutions, from small ideas to large-scale ones that are today in the top positions in their industries.

Taras and Ostap, who are the co-founders of the company, value everyone in the team, encourage innovation and never call colleagues “staff”. After all, the ability to think independently, make decisions, take responsibility and desire to learn – these are the key features that together with professionalism form a portrait of the company – from the establishment and further. In wwest solutions they believe that in IT it is important to keep abreast, follow the best global practices, constantly develop and often be one step ahead because IT is one of the most dynamic industries now.

During the war, the company continued to work to be able to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and support the country’s economy. Customers also support the company and Ukraine: they send money and transfer the necessary goods. Wwwest solutions is grateful to them for their trust, because no project has been stopped, and moreover, all deadlines have been extended. They also help in the field of mental health: company’s clients from the platform for psychological support have opened free access to their services for Ukrainian workers.

The company believes that with its experience, ideas and inspiration it will qualitatively enrich the city community, Lviv IT Cluster and other areas, the project of which wwwest solutions will be happy to join.

“We are delighted that wwwest solutions has decided to join our community. Today is a challenging time, and I am grateful that all of our colleagues from different companies recognize this and continue to cooperate and work together. That is why I want the wwwest solutions team to be an active member of the Lviv IT Cluster community,” Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO, Lviv IT Cluster.