General Assembly Meeting Q4: Summary and Plans

19 Dec, 2016

On December 15, Lviv IT Cluster members gathered for the last General Assembly Meeting this year. As previously, the event was held in a rather interesting location. This time, members met at Audi center at Lypynskoho St. To find out what surprises Lviv IT Cluster is preparing for 2017, continue reading.

General Assembly Meetings of Lviv IT Cluster are traditionally held four times per year. On Thursday, the last meeting of 2016 took place. Achievements of Lviv IT Cluster were discussed within the event. In addition to positive results in already long-lasting projects (Lviv IT Arena, IT Club, IT Expert, IT Future), new projects which were successfully launched in 2016 were talked about at the meeting: IT Park, IT Jazz, Futureland Festival, IoT@NULP.

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Each of these projects will be continued in 2017. Moreover, renewal of some of the old projects is planned. These are, in particular, Lviv IT Tour and IT Research. Lviv IT Tour – is a tour around Ukrainian cities aimed at sharing experience and establishing cooperation with IT communities all over the country. The project will be implemented in the summer in 5 Ukrainian cities.

IT Research – is a large-scale research of the IT market in Lviv. The previous research was devoted to the evaluation of IT industry, differentiating between its advantages and disadvantages. Now, Lviv IT Cluster has decided to research how IT influences related industries – banking sector, retail, services.

‘’We have already found out that IT industry in Lviv – is a huge economic stratum, which is growing annually by around 20%, – says Lviv IT Cluster CEO Stepan Veselovskyi. Now we would like to research how IT influences other industries. For instance, how many workplaces in other industries, creates one workplace in IT”.

Moreover, the election of Supervisory Board and Supervisory Board Chairman took place within the meeting – Andrew Pavliv, CEO at N-iX became will continue his work as the Chairman.

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Lviv IT Cluster meetings – are always not just summary events, but also an opportunity to relax. Since it was held at Audi center, every participant had a chance to take a test-drive. These were not all surprises. There was a real orchestra at the meeting and representatives of Lviv IT Cluster member-companies could try themselves as conductors.

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Furthermore, Audi made a giveaway of a free test-drive for seven days – Aleks Lazarchuk from REMIT won it. By the way, if you also would like to test a brand-new Audi, you can register here.

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