The Legendary Software Developer Len Bass is going to come to Ukraine!

17 Aug, 2016

Many well-known speakers are coming to Lviv IT Arena this year. One of them is Len Bass – software engineer with fifty years of experience behind his back. With his lectures he has been to numerous countries, but it will be his first time in Ukraine.

Primarily, Len Bass is known for his books on software architecture. The most recent one is called DevOps: A Software Architect’s Perspective. It combines themes from two of his previous books – Software Architecture in Practice (Third Edition) and Documenting Software Architectures: Views and Beyond. These two books won The Software Development Magazine’s Jolt Productivity Award twice in 1999 and 2003.

As Len Bass wrote in the preface to one of the editions of Software Architecture in Practice, the reason why he started this research is the absence of research on software architecture. The topic of the software architecture has become his lifework. Through his work Len Bass demonstrates the relationship between software architecture and business side of things. He sees a big role of business in a software system development, but also notes that the architecture can specify the direction of company’s growth. His research is built upon real-life examples of companies that used architecture to solve their problems. This experience can help other companies as well. At the same time, through Len Bass’s works we can see the history of the software architecture development. This topic will be the cornerstone of Len Bass’s speech at Lviv IT Arena.

Not only does Len Bass have many awards for his scientific work, but he also holds PhD in Computer Sience from Purdue University. For some time he was a professor at the University of Rhode Island. Now he works in the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh) and has the position of Senior Member. Since it’s founding this scientific research institute is funded by the Federal budget and works closely with the Department of Defense. However, private companies are among its partners as well. The key focus of the institute is cyber security.

At this institute Len Bass is engaged in development of software architectures that would be most user friendly. His research is of applied nature – he is involved in the development of operating systems and the database management systems for automotive industry.

At Lviv IT Arena Len Bass will have a lecture within Technology stream. In his speech he will share his experience of program development and tell about successful cases of improving the business efficiency through technical innovation. Also during the conference, participants will be able to communicate with him personally. More information about Lviv IT Arena and other speakers you can find here.