Linkup Studio Received Two Prestigious Design Awards: Red Dot Award and UX Design Awards

29 Aug, 2022

The Ukrainian IT company Linkup Studio has won the international Red Dot Award-2022 in the “Design Concept” category for the design of the decentralized cryptocurrency system CashflowApp. Moreover, they have also won the UX Design Awards in the “Product” category for the design of the planner

CashflowApp is a DeFi platform that helps crypto investors earn passive income. Linkup Studio created a UX/UI design project for a client from Puerto Rico, the idea of which is to give an opportunity to earn on the blockchain even to the users, who have never invested in cryptocurrencies before. The design of this project was awarded the Red Dot Award in the “Design Concept” category.

The Linkup team has developed an intuitive, creative and user-friendly interface that allows anyone to create a cryptocurrency cashflow wallet, without prior experience as an investor.

Unlike similar projects from competitors, the platform provides new-generation staking and farming functionality, and other financial services that are suited for both seasoned and novice crypto-investors.

“This is our first attempt to apply for Red Dot. And it is very valuable for us to receive the award right away. This spring turned out to be very difficult for the team. However, when you have to create moodboards sitting in the basement hiding from missiles and accompanied by air raid sirens, you understand that nothing is impossible. For us, receiving The Red Dot Award is akin receiving a seal of approval, a confirmation that we are moving in the right direction. It is an opportunity to push ourselves forward, encourage innovative thinking and evolve as a company. We appreciate the chance to share our vision and expertise with a wider audience and hope that our work can inspire others and make a difference in the world” commented LinkUp’s Chief Designer Nataliia Sambir.

Along with that, LinkUp Studio has recently become the winner of the UX Design Awards-2022 with the project This is a personal planner for business people, designed for their US client. It has an intuitive interface and has many tools for organizing worktime: performance tracker, time sectors and time allocation between projects.

LinkUp Studio is a Ukrainian digital design and integrated development IT company with offices in Lviv, Ternopil and New York, specializing in product design, engineering, as well as creation, launch, and scaling of products for international markets. During their 9 years on the market, LinkUp has launched more than 150 applications, web platforms and software solutions for clients from 25 countries around the world.