Lionwood Software Joins Lviv IT Cluster is Lviv IT company that specializes in the development of web and mobile applications, UI / UX design, manual and automated software testing since the beginning of 2017. The company unites ambitious and creative people, as well as creates a
friendly atmosphere that inspires to succeed.

Our clients are mostly startups and companies from the US and Europe of various industries, including logistics, education, medicine, etc. The vector of the company is aimed at the out-staff business model, so cooperation with customers is open and transparent. The
main technology stack is .Net, PHP, Ruby, Angular, React, Docker, Xamarin, and React Native.
1200x630-photo provides an opportunity to grow and develop in different aspects, offer new ideas, and build a brighter future together. 16 specialists are working on the company’s own social project called in Ukrainian NIT that is translated into English as Education and Technologies. The purpose of the project is to improve the level of the education system for all schools in Ukraine and to provide a sustainable solution for the convenient organization of education.

The core components of the project are:
– student and teacher grade book, schedule
– attendance statistics and knowledge assessment
– introducing of an anti-bullying system
– individual and group chats for communication, screen and file sharing
– digitization of an interactive educational program.
Everyone is welcome to join the common goal and make their own contribution to the implementation of a great idea. Any information about the social project can be found on the web-site: ‘s priority is continuous development and improvement that keeps it moving forward. Another great bonus is onsite visits the foreign teams, the opportunity to work in another country and open up new horizons. The company has a group of specialists who are ready to go to the client at any time upon request.

CEO of, Volodymyr Kaminovskyy, says: “We like projects and activities of Lviv IT Cluster, we share the mission and vision. We are pleased to be part of this community and believe that we can implement more than one project, along with the IT Cluster and companies participating. Our company never stops at the objectives achieved, we are getting better every day and ready to share and learn from the experience. We are currently working on a socially important educational platform – Education and Technologies, which makes communication, studying and consolidation of new material as effectively as possible. I certainly hope that Lviv IT Cluster will support and make its contribution to the implementation of the Education and Technologies learning platform.

Stepan Veselovskyi, СЕО Lviv IT Cluster: “I gladly welcome Lionwood in our community. They are proactive young entrepreneurs with their own ideas and social projects. Thanks to such people, our community become much better. Lviv IT Cluster is the biggest business community in the country and it is not just the words. Our projects confirm this statement.