Transforms Educational Processes into Digital Format

19 Nov, 2021, a member of Lviv IT Cluster, recently won the Ukrainian open competition for the best e-learning management system for the Lviv City Territorial Community with its product, Learning and Technologies (NIT) platform.

The idea was born at the beginning of 2020, and soon enough became the company’s goal – to create a unique digital environment of the educational process for educational institutions in Ukraine. With all the necessary functions: automated processes for teachers, video, audio chats in one click, up-to-date information on lesson schedules for students, their homework, access to electronic textbooks and learning materials, reminders to start an online lesson, analytics of their progress, etc. also aimed to facilitate and increase parental involvement in their children’s educational process. They can check real-time attendance, current assessments, subject performance analytics, have access to educational materials, and, of course, be online at parent meetings or communicate with the class teacher.

“Our goal was to build up a platform not only with all the necessary functionality to facilitate the work of teachers and with convenience for students and parents. We have created an environment in which you want to work and study,” Yurii Kaminovskyi, Co-founder & COO at

Within a year and a half of development and a pilot project in five educational institutions in Lviv, filled the platform with functionality mandatory at the legislative level, with a user-friendly interface for all participants in the educational process. Developers, who were working on platform architecture, had previous experience on educational projects for the European Union and the Baltic States markets. Such an experience has given a more global vision. The “foundation of the platform” is written in a way that helps to create new, specific features for users. For example, we will launch an online anti-bullying system, a blog for students with professional competencies to help them understand different professions much better. There will also be a student card on a smartphone, online tutoring, students’ competitions, 2D / 3D visualization of educational materials, etc.
Therefore, can add new schools and lyceums and significantly increase the number of users not only in Lviv, but also on the national level. The company’s product is developed with a careful analysis of educational processes problems in Ukraine and the wishes of their direct participants: teachers, headmasters, principals, students, parents. used its funds to implement the project, investing in what they truly believed in. As of now, the amount of investment is over 13 million UAH. “Learning and Technologies” platform team consists of 17-20 employees. Today, the company is actively working on bringing new employees on board, as the number of users will increase from 10 to 250 thousand at least in the next few months with a load of 200 thousand unique visits to the NIT system every day. At the same time, we began negotiations about the connection of territorial community educational institutions of the Lviv region to the NIT system. is convinced that winning the Ukrainian Open Competition in Lviv is just the beginning, which gave even more inspiration to the whole team of the platform to develop the digital learning environment.

“Lviv IT Cluster has been uniting companies which are working together on the city development for ten years. The creation of new educational products helps to improve the level of education starting from school. We are pleased that initiated such a project and, after winning the Ukrainian competition, every school in Lviv will be able to use it,”  Khrystyna Horbas, Head of Education at Lviv IT Cluster.