IT House, unique building for IT professionals, has launched a live stream. You can now watch live how the house is being built. IT House is a pilot project of Lviv IT Cluster; it is an innovative housing for IT professionals.

Construction, which started in October last year, is specifically for participants of Lviv IT Cluster. Employee of each Cluster company was able to purchase a house at cost. The building already unites more than 55 IT professionals from various member companies of Cluster. The project is nonprofit and improves the infrastructure for IT professionals in the city.

Live stream is one of the main innovations of the project, which allows monitoring the progress of construction from our website. Although the house was planned to be constructed in the second quarter of 2017, construction is already ahead of the plan. The main building terms are: 1) September 15 – finishing the last floor; 2) January 1- turning on the heating; 3) The second quarter of 2017 – we put the house into operation.

Currently, less than 15 apartments are left. The building will have solar panels on the roof, which will provide 70% energy to heat water. Residents will be able to relax on the roof with a relax area. The house also has a shared space for communication. Residents are involved in the construction process and will get a chance to rearrange their apartments. Apart from constant security and parking, the house is an opportunity to live in IT atmosphere with neighbors, who are also colleagues.

«IT House is a powerful infrastructure project for IT-specialists. This way, we want to improve conditions for experts and promote Lviv as IT city. When IT professionals see that we care about them, it motivates others to get involved in this field, ” says CEO at Lviv IT Cluster Stepan Veselovskyi.