Lviv IT Cluster Academy: How took place the Open Day at the Updated Program on the Basics of Programming

07 Jul, 2022

On June 6, The Open Day on the updated program Information Processing and Software Operator within the Lviv IT Cluster Academy project took place at the Vocational School №29. Lviv IT Cluster provides this initiative to transform vocational education in Lviv.

The modernization included the program curriculum, computer labs, material, and technical basis. Employees of IT companies also were involved in the teaching process. Everyone who had visited The Open Day in Vocational School №29 could visit updated labs and talk with current students of the modernized program.

“The program was successfully transformed so that today it meets the employer’s requirements as much as possible. We also offer an in-depth specialized English language course. A big advantage is that experts from the industry teach all specialized subjects. And after graduation, students receive a diploma of a qualified employee,” says Roman Stetskyi, director of Vocational School №29.

The updated programming basics program started in September 2021. Due to the event, students shared their impressions of the first academic year with potential entrants, and the representative of the Sigma Software company Halyna Arnautova talked about the opportunities that the IT field opens up.

In the first semester, the Cluster involved IT specialists in teaching courses on the basics of programming, algorithms, and data structures, as well as professional English. In the second semester, the QAGroup company joined the teaching, whose representatives created and successfully implemented a pilot course on testing basics.

“Studying on the updated program within the Lviv IT Cluster Academy project is an excellent opportunity for 9th-grade graduates to explore certain areas of programming, gain a Strong Junior level base and find their first job in IT,” adds Yulia Tsymbala, head of the educational team of Lviv IT Cluster.

After graduation, graduates have sufficient knowledge in software development, know primary and specialized programming languages, understand operating systems and the basics of computer networks, and have the basics of web programming.

The admissions campaign at Vocational School №29 for the programming basics program will last until September 1, 2022. Education is free and provided by 30 budget places. Acceptance of documents takes place on a competitive basis. To be admitted to the program, you must submit:

  • application addressed to the school director;
  • document about school education;
  • health certificate (form: 086, 25th, 063);
  • 6 photo cards (size 3 x 4 cm);
  • Two copies of the identification code;
  • copies of documents giving the right to benefits for studying at Vocational School №29 (if available).

Studying at the Vocational School №29 is two years and ten months. After graduation, the student could start work in the tech industry or continue studying in one of the 18 programs updated by the Lviv IT Cluster at four universities in Lviv.

Read more about the Lviv IT Cluster Academy project and its advantages at the link.