Lviv IT Cluster Academy: Vocational School №29 Begins Admission Process for ‘Information Processing and Software Operator’ Program

29 Jun, 2022

On June 1,  the Vocational School №29 started the process for admission to the first updated program “Information Processing and Software Operator” within the project of Lviv IT Cluster Academy. Registration for entry is now open and closes on September 1. Our Open Day will be taking place on Wednesday, 6 July. Thanks to this initiative, 9th grade high school students can become skilled professionals and start working in IT in three years.

The first updated program “Information Processing and Software Operator” was launched at the Vocational School №29 in September 2021. Representatives of the IT industry, business, city and regional authorities joined the transformation of the program. This cooperation resulted in the creation of  a unique IT training program aimed at meeting market demands. Just three years after starting the studies, students of the program can find a job in tech.

The modernization of the Information Processing and Software Operator program included:

  • updating the program curriculum;
  • updating material and technical basis;
  • equipping modern computer labs;
  • involvement of employees of IT companies in the teaching process;
  • internship opportunities in local IT companies.

During the studies the students will:

  • master the tools and basic methodology of software development;
  • gain knowledge of basic (C, C ++, Java) and specialized (Javascript, Python) programming languages;
  • learn operating systems and bases of computer networks;
  • learn the basics of web programming.

for-fb_2022-06-20_den_vidkrytyh_dverej_2Teachers, who also work in the IT industry, conduct classes in a way that allows students to use the acquired knowledge to join the future team as quickly as possible with minimal time to get acquainted with the daily processes of interaction on the project. Such a practical approach is highly praised by the students of the program:

“It’s great that the course is filled with practical information. Basics of Programming is the foundation for a young programmer’s career. The most interesting thing about the course is its practical significance and how complex things are explained to us in an accessible way. In addition, we learn a lot about other job-related topics,” student Khrystyna Oleksyn  shares her impressions of the first year of studies.

To learn more about the program, meet teachers and fellow students, take a look at the labs and visit the dorm, don’t miss the Open Day on July 6. Address: T. Shevchenko Street, 116, Lviv.

The event requires pre-registration.

Learn more about the Lviv IT Cluster Academy admission requirements here.